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The obligatory bio page

“I don’t get gassed. but these boys DyAD will soon be making music that you might envy…if you ain’t already…Raise your glasses to the production junkies…”

– Demon (M.U.D/M.U.V)

“DyAD are a two man-strong production and DJ alias making sounds that seem to represent an entire army.”

– Korrupt (FatKidOnFire)

DyAD is comprised of two forward thinking Dubstep producers from the U.K.

Having seen releases on Abyssal Audio, Sub:Concious, Mindstep and Pressed Records, the duo have already solidified their position in the 140 scene over the past couple of years. They strive to bring a unique blend of dancefloor bangers and deep, evocative compositions to a sometimes over-saturated and stagnant genre. Alongside these releases, their music has also featured on some of the most popular blogs in the scene such as FatKidOnFire and KeepDeep ( Their remixes of Matt U’s “Danger” and Sick ft. Talabun’s “Virus” have been doing the rounds amongst many of the underground’s top producers for some time now; add to that the steady flow of free music and showcase mixes the two have put out and it’s not surprising the name DyAD is sticking in the minds of real 140 heads.

When Dan & Matt appeared on GetDarker TV 241 it proved from behind the decks that they aren’t limited to simply making tunes and can deal the weight on the decks with just as much energy. It was this performance alongside their new music that drew the attention of one of the scene’s hardest working, most respected labels, M.U.D; ran by industry legend Demon and home to artists such as Biome, Occult, NDread, Beezy, Versa, Feonix, DCult and Rekta.

As 2015 progresses, DyAD are putting out their popular “Tunnel Vision” mix series, focused on showcasing the cutting edge of underground Dubstep and 140. In conjunction with this mix series, they can also be found broadcasting with their close friends and collaborators LifeSines on RoodFM. Over the coming months you can expect to hear more diverse and intense music coupled with a relentless endeavour to push the sound forwards.

If you haven’t yet experienced the DyAD sound, then be prepared for them to come storming into your peripheral very, very soon.