DyAD / Feonix – Stumble EP (UD004)

DyAD — Stumble EP
Release date : Jul. 08, 2016
Label : Untied Audio

Before the release of Untied Audio's very first vinyl outline(UD005), the Croatian imprint is ready to unleash its 4th digital release coming from the English duo and FKOF fam DyAD With the release-date of 'UD004' set to 08/07/2016, make sure to bag this mammoth EP as soon as the pre-order comes out.. 1. DyAD - Stumble 2. DyAD - Stumble (Feonix remix)

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DyAD Scarlette EP

DyAD — DyAD - The Scarlette EP
Release date : Dec. 22, 2015
Label : Platform Music

UK's Dubstep warriors DyAD are a name that needs no introduction. The duo has already built a rock solid reputation not only in Europe, but worldwide for being among the most talented upcoming Bass Music producers.

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DyAD – This Is Earth

DyAD — This Is Earth
Release date : Oct. 27, 2014
Label : Platform Music x Fatkidonfire

The FKOF review: "We’re delighted to see this duo back - this time with straight growl warfare, testing the elements with their firey production. Razor sharp edges dissolve the outer borders of your sanity, making ‘This is Earth' an excellent addition to the Platform x FKOF EP. DyAD’s continuing growth suggests they’re not far the heights they seem to be aiming for!"

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DyAD – Fenris EP (AAD009)

DyAD — Fenris EP
Release date : Sept. 10, 2014
Label : Abyssal Audio

Next up for Abyssal Audio are Dyad. Matt and Dan have brought 2 absolute dance floor killers in the form of Fenris & Legion. With releases so far on the likes of Mindstep & Annihilate, Dyad are taking the scene by storm! Support from the likes of Demon, Beezy, Syte to name but a few...

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DyAD & LifeSines – Strata (UA113)

DyAD & LifeSines — Strata
Release date : May. 21, 2014
Label : Albion Collective [Free Download]

Albion Collective Presents... Urban Archives // Various Artists A free collection of bass driven music. Dedicated to the memory of Chris Ferrantello, also known as Cris Fern.

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DyAD & Lifesines – Nostalgia (MSC004)

DyAD & LifeSines — Nostalgia
Release date : May. 12, 2014
Label : Mindstep

We're really happy to announce the inclusion of our track with LifeSines entitled 'Nostalgia' will be part of the Music For Your Mindstep Vol 1 (MSC004) which is out for release on the 12th of May

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DyAD & LifeSines – Polo

DyAD & LifeSines — Polo
Release date : Apr. 07, 2014
Label : Keep Deep

We were lucky enough to get the track featured on Distance's seminal Chestcast series vol 6 and we're happy to say the tune is now a completely free download via Keep Deep

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DyAD & LifeSines – Wolf

DyAD & LifeSines — Wolf
Release date : Mar. 29, 2014
Label : One Forty Deep

A free track from DyAD & LifeSines celebrating 1000 likes on the One Forty Deep fan page. OFD have been a long time supporter of our music, so we felt it fitting to offer one of our personal favourite tunes to celebrate.

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Release date : Mar. 19, 2014
Label : FatKidOnFire

Celebrating the sounds of DyAD, two relatively new producers to the scene who are very quickly making a name for themselves!

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DyAD & Khafu – Cold Harmony

DyAD & Khafu — Cold Harmony
Release date : Feb. 24, 2014
Label : Spectrum Music Blog

For the past few months, we here at Spectrum have been working away to put together a collection of music from some of the most interesting and talented up and coming producers we could find.

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Matt U – Danger [DyAD Remix]

Matt U — Danger [DyAD Remix]
Release date : Dec. 23, 2013
Label : Pressed Records / FatKidOnFire

Recently Pressed Records held a remix competition for the Bangin track 'Danger' by Matt U Featuring Kyza, Smirnoff, Orifice Vulgatron, Marger and Illaman. We were lucky enough to win a slot alongside Matt U's VIP and the District Remix. Good times :)

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DyAD – Reaper

DyAD — Reaper
Release date : Aug. 01, 2013
Label : Deep Dark Dungeon Dubstep

UK duo DyAD present this uplifting, yet dark, exclusive download. While eclectic, it is definitely one with some weight. Seamlessly advising us on how to beat the reaper, and presenting him to us as well...

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DyAD & Adapt – Strange

DyAD & Adapt — Strange
Release date : May. 30, 2013
Label : Free

Deep, rolling atmospheres and broken, steppy drums blend with spacious pads and melodies to create an open, airy and weighty vibe. Collab with Adapt on this one. Y'know it's Strange....People just dissapear....The world just opens up and swallows them.

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DyAD – Fragmented Minds

DyAD — Fragmented Minds
Release date : Mar. 27, 2013
Label : Free

A deep and dark minimal roller with some trip hop influence. weighty basslines and warbing crunchy reeces overlay simplistic, steppy beats and atmospheric patches - I can feel my thoughts.........fragmenting

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DyAD -Losing Touch

DyAD — Losing Touch
Release date : Oct. 01, 2012
Label : Free

Atmospheric pads, futuristic lead tones, spaced out dirty reeces twisting in and out of a catchy sub and hook line. Tight punchy rollin beats, catchy minimal melodies and conscious atmospheric vocal samples are the order for the day here.

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