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DyAD & LifeSines – Strata (UA113)
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DyAD & LifeSines — Strata
Release date : May. 21, 2014
Label : Albion Collective [Free Download]


Albion Collective Presents…

Urban Archives // Various Artists
A free collection of bass driven music. Dedicated to the memory of Chris Ferrantello, also known as Cris Fern.

Conscious Wave Review

DyAD & Lifesines – Strata

Showcasing their polished, tasteful sound design, British producers DyAD & Lifesines collab on a deep, futuristic 140 number filled with swelling, razor-sharp synthesizers, soothing, reverberated melodies and alternating, organic percussion sounds.

Words by Mykul Eff, Creator/Writer at @conscious-wave

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