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DyAD Scarlette EP
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DyAD — DyAD - The Scarlette EP
Release date : Dec. 22, 2015
Label : Platform Music

UK’s Dubstep warriors DyAD are a name that needs no introduction. The duo has already built a rock solid reputation not only in Europe, but worldwide for being among the most talented upcoming Bass Music producers. Their skills have developed constantly in the past years and they have just released an EP on M.U.D – which is considered one of the top labels in the Deep & Dark Dubstep music scene. DyAD’s first EP on Platform is featuring the youngsters LifeSines on one of the tracks, who are another promising talent duo from UK. PTF018 | DyAD ft LifeSines – Scarlette EP will be released in December on Platform Music. Let’s hear some clips from those monsters 1 by 1 starting backwards! Track number 3: Basscatz & Balkansky (Moreplavane DyAD Remix)